The Alchemy on Java Jazz 2011

27 02 2011

Do you play music instrument? Well, I do. I play bass and guitar. My fave musician are Lee Ritenour and the Alchemy for Jazz. Their music is just so overwhelming. They take jazz into different level, easy listening but still arouse the mood of happiness, not to mention it also calm the weariness. They play simple but beautiful.

This year, I am quite excited as the Alchemy will perform again in the International Java Jazz Festival on 4,5 ,6 March 2011. Will not miss it, they’re my favourites! My idols! Gotta see them perform live! It is a MUST. Lee Ritenour and the Alchemy play an important role to my skill of playing the bass and guitar. Their styles influence me as it is so simple in the ear so everybody can catch up the jazz yet it needs sophisticated skill to play it.

From the Alchemy I love Same Road, Catalina Kiss, Georgia Beah and Shoot the Loop. Well I like almost all of their songs though, but Catalina Kiss means a lot to me. Here, enjoy the music by your self and tell me if you don’t like it. This song is awesome dude!

Dunno bout Lee Ritenour though, haven’t got time to check it out hence the ticket for the Alchemy show on Friday, March 4th is on my hands now. Hopefully by this posting I can get the whole daily pass from Axis so I can improve my skills as well as enjoy the world class music performances in the Festival. Wish me luck!



5 responses

27 02 2011

We can’t miss the show this year!
Yeeaaay can’t wait for the Java Jazz

27 02 2011

Counting the days…
it’s just 6 days from now
get ready with all the cameras and everything

27 02 2011

Great! I’m still in Jogja when this festival is started.
U guys have fun, k?

27 02 2011

Too bad u can’t be here.
We’ll give u some pictures then :mrgreen:

28 02 2011

Can’t wait to sing along with my idol: Corinne Bailey Rae :mrgreen:

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