Selecta: (Almost) Forgotten Park

2 05 2012

Selecta Park has been in Malang since 1928. As it is located up above the hills in Batu Area (about 1 hour driving from Malang, East Java), Selecta is famous for its cool breeze. Youngster go here for (secretly) make out, families come here to enjoy the park and let the children swim in the pool.  This park is no longer as famous as before, there are many amusement park around that attrack more people to go there. I like nature, I just hope that this park won’t be closed for losing its visitor. Oh, please don’t.



Selecta is a beautiful park with plenty flowers. My eyes rest in the colorful flowers and my soul just stay calm enjoying the scene. There is a hotel inside the Park, one of the old historical hotel where Indonesian President once stayed. As my parents owns some shares of this place, I got to stay free in the hotel. Nice!