Berbagi Kebaikan dengan Sesama

30 09 2014

One of good way to celebrate the sharing spirit.


To give away money is an easy matter and in any man’s power. But to decide to whom to give it, and how large and when, and for what purpose and how, is neither in every man’s power nor an easy matter. –Aristotle-

Sadar nggak sih kalau kita menikmati dunia yang indah? Lihat aja, tiap pagi kita menghirup udara yang membuat paru-paru kita terasa segar, menikmati sinar mentari yang hangat, dan juga menikmati rasa nyaman dari lingkungan yang aman. Suatu hal sederhana yang kita nikmati hampir tiap hari yang saking seringnya dinikmati, kadang kita nggak sadar kalau itu suatu berkah. Betul?

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6 09 2009

The Real Superman on and off Screen

Former Superman Actor

Former Superman Actor

They look so serious, don’t they?

1st Season Smallville's Casts

1st Season Smallville's Casts

When Best Friends become Enemy

Three Main Stars

Three Main Stars

The Legend

29 07 2009
the Legend !

the Legend !

They are hillarous, funny in their own way.

Will always be my fave comedy show !

MP4 for your eyes ! [Alnect Komputer]

24 07 2009

Hey, juz found out that by reviewing some gadgets we might get a chance to win a laptop and many other cool prizes (thanks to my wife for this info 🙂 )

Ok, so I guess i shall review MP 4 players. Check out the picture :

MP4 Player sold at Alnect

MP4 Player sold at Alnect

It has a big screen, with slim body and touch screen mode to activate the menu. Watching movie is soooo comfy here. And the price is affordable. Well for further details you might visit their site :

Alnect computer Blog Contest


20 07 2009


A new idol 🙂

Voltes V

14 07 2009
voltus V

voltus V

This ain’t an ordinary cartoon movie. There are wise advices and great core values can be learned from the story line. This will always be my favourite movie. A childhood movie which still in a line with the current situation.