The Alchemy on Java Jazz 2011

27 02 2011

Do you play music instrument? Well, I do. I play bass and guitar. My fave musician are Lee Ritenour and the Alchemy for Jazz. Their music is just so overwhelming. They take jazz into different level, easy listening but still arouse the mood of happiness, not to mention it also calm the weariness. They play simple but beautiful.

This year, I am quite excited as the Alchemy will perform again in the International Java Jazz Festival on 4,5 ,6 March 2011. Will not miss it, they’re my favourites! My idols! Gotta see them perform live! It is a MUST. Lee Ritenour and the Alchemy play an important role to my skill of playing the bass and guitar. Their styles influence me as it is so simple in the ear so everybody can catch up the jazz yet it needs sophisticated skill to play it.

From the Alchemy I love Same Road, Catalina Kiss, Georgia Beah and Shoot the Loop. Well I like almost all of their songs though, but Catalina Kiss means a lot to me. Here, enjoy the music by your self and tell me if you don’t like it. This song is awesome dude!

Dunno bout Lee Ritenour though, haven’t got time to check it out hence the ticket for the Alchemy show on Friday, March 4th is on my hands now. Hopefully by this posting I can get the whole daily pass from Axis so I can improve my skills as well as enjoy the world class music performances in the Festival. Wish me luck!

How Do I Love Her

25 12 2009

On Christmas day, 25th December 2009, wifey asked me a simple question. How do I love her? In the normal days it wouldn’t be a problem for me to answer it.  But that question strike me as lately she asked me quite frequent. Like what I have said wasn’t enough, like what I have done wasn’t sufficient to convince her of how I love her. Feels like she doubts my commitment. I have no idea how I would inform her. All I know is that I love her with my own way.

  • I love her by get rid of the trash without she ever ask after she cooks our meal.
  • By eating her cooks though sometimes it was burn out.
  • By taking public transportation in consequence me being late to the office so she could use the car for her comfort and safety.
  • By keeping the kitchen and bathroom free from cockroach, worm or even mice (she’s always freak out whenever she sees those animals). I clean the bathroom with my own hands to reassure the cleanliness is on her standard.
  • By letting her shop whatever she wants. Let me work harder so I can be sure she gets what she desires.
  • By always picking her up even midnight after she shed over a coffee with friends. And I do try to mingle with her friends.
  • By search out our neighborhood just to get her favorite drink -es cendol- in the hot noon day (which I actually prefer to sleep). Not just a usual es cendol, it has to be es cendol made from rice not flavor with jack fruit sauce.
  • By giving her permission eating durian, salak, jack fruit and all those strong smell food in the house though actually I almost get fainted every time she has them at home.
  • By comforting her every time she gets nightmare and start talking on her sleep.
  • By listening to her stories about what she has just through on that day nevertheless I am as tired as a flat tire after working.
  • By helping her with all the things above cupboard. She’s so petite; she can’t reach out high shelves without help.
  • By letting her play with that stupid pet game which take some of our quality time. Even bought her private internet connection so she doesn’t need to go to the internet café.
  • By giving her “me time” with her blog and novels.
  • And so many other bys…

I might not love her with red roses as her favorite flower; it’s just not my style. But I know I l do love her that’s why I marry her.

*Finally I post something not related to my hobbies.


6 09 2009

The Real Superman on and off Screen

Former Superman Actor

Former Superman Actor

They look so serious, don’t they?

1st Season Smallville's Casts

1st Season Smallville's Casts

When Best Friends become Enemy

Three Main Stars

Three Main Stars

The Legend

29 07 2009
the Legend !

the Legend !

They are hillarous, funny in their own way.

Will always be my fave comedy show !

MP4 for your eyes ! [Alnect Komputer]

24 07 2009

Hey, juz found out that by reviewing some gadgets we might get a chance to win a laptop and many other cool prizes (thanks to my wife for this info 🙂 )

Ok, so I guess i shall review MP 4 players. Check out the picture :

MP4 Player sold at Alnect

MP4 Player sold at Alnect

It has a big screen, with slim body and touch screen mode to activate the menu. Watching movie is soooo comfy here. And the price is affordable. Well for further details you might visit their site :

Alnect computer Blog Contest


20 07 2009


A new idol 🙂

Voltes V

14 07 2009
voltus V

voltus V

This ain’t an ordinary cartoon movie. There are wise advices and great core values can be learned from the story line. This will always be my favourite movie. A childhood movie which still in a line with the current situation.