Amazing Bromo

21 06 2012

So after this 20 hours ride from Jakarta, I finally reach Bromo Mountains. Been dying to be here, although I am originally from Malang, which that would be like 4 hours from that Apple Town but my feet are finally reach this mountain after I live in Jakarta.

Mount Bromo, or in Bahasa Indonesia we call it Gunung Bromo, is an active located in East Java. It is well known although it is not the highest peak around here, only 2,329 metres (7,641 ft). Active crater.


I still don’t know what was on my mind for I posed that close to the crater. Can’t imagine if somebody fall down there. On my wild thought, perhaps long time ago there were like human life sacrified to the Gods of the mountain. Geez thinking about it scared the hell out of me.


Ocean sands! You gotta cover your mouth with mask to avoid swallowing the sands. Pretty amazing view.


I got up at 2 AM, grabbed my jacket, hike 3km to watch this perfect sunrise. Oh I also had to pay a jeep 500thou to bring me here.
But it’s all worth it