Berbagi Kebaikan dengan Sesama

30 09 2014

One of good way to celebrate the sharing spirit.


To give away money is an easy matter and in any man’s power. But to decide to whom to give it, and how large and when, and for what purpose and how, is neither in every man’s power nor an easy matter. –Aristotle-

Sadar nggak sih kalau kita menikmati dunia yang indah? Lihat aja, tiap pagi kita menghirup udara yang membuat paru-paru kita terasa segar, menikmati sinar mentari yang hangat, dan juga menikmati rasa nyaman dari lingkungan yang aman. Suatu hal sederhana yang kita nikmati hampir tiap hari yang saking seringnya dinikmati, kadang kita nggak sadar kalau itu suatu berkah. Betul?

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Joyful Resorts World Genting!

15 10 2012

It was so much fun and excitement! That’s what I can say after my 3 days of Resorts World Genting Trip with wifey and friends. At first I thought Resorts World Genting is only a place for us to gamble, well I was all wrong. There are many things we can do here. C’mon let’s explore Resorts World Genting with me.

A Gut Challenging Activities

Resorts World Genting is also well known for its Theme Park, a huge one. You should buy a 1 day unlimited ride pass to enjoy over 40 exciting rides just like I did. You will get a waterproof wristband like a bracelet, tag it all along on the hands and violaaa….. get ready for the adventure!

This one is Corksrew, really screw me up! But it was fantastic, while screaming I could enjoy Resorts World Genting scenery.

Do you have guts to ride these? I pass both of these, salute for wifey and all other friends who were brave enough to join these.

Last but not least, lets get snowing! No need to go Europe, I could play with the snow here. It was below zero degree you know, luckily we all got rented winter apparel. Oh gotta say thank you to Rouge Communications who took these Snow World pics.


Culinary Experiences

There are many options of food here. Never thought I will be overwhelmed by it. Say what you want and it will be served for you. Btw we stayed in First World Hotel, a clean and comfy three star hotel. And what I like from Resorts World Genting is all of their restaurants are in walking distance from our hotel room. I don’t need to take a cab or something, everything is there. Great huh? Reachable restaurant, various menu, tasty and more important reasonable price!

I love their food, especially their lamb satay and nasi kuning. Delicious!

 Coffe Terrace

Well, well, well, we have a looong buffet here. Japanesse, Westeren, Asian food and also local cuisine like laksa, or meatball soup are available. My fave is the fresh salmon. It was fresh and high quality food only served here.

Oh if you are in to dessert, you will find this Coffee Terrace is heaven. Look what my dinner dessert were.

Bubbles and Bites.

This is the latest restaurant opened in Resorts World Genting. Up and beat restaurant, like their food, love their ambiance and also their tasty champagne!

Sight Seeing

Not far from the Resorts World Genting, there’s a pretty Strawberry Park you can visit. Get a shuttle to come here and enjoy the park. You can even harvest the fruits all by your self. Cost us only RM 8/100gram.

Just outside of the Strawberry Farm, we hopped by to Lavender Farm. This is my first time to see a Lavender Farm. It’s beautiful, somehow I feel little bit romantic when I saw those pretty plants and flowers.


Definitely Will Come Back for:

Sky Venture

Well, this is the most exciting activity on my Resorts World Genting Trip! Never I flown before but I flew! I dare you all to try this!

Photos by Rouge Comm.

Flying Coaster

This ride got a veeeery long que! Lucky I got my express (VIP) ticket, so I was queing for 15 minutes only. When I first saw this ride, I already made my decision that I gotta try this. Well this flying coaster isn’t available in Jakarta yet so I gotta try it. Wifey was all screaming around when we took this ride, while me, off course I screamed too. It was heart challenging but indeed FUN.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and visit RESORT WORLD GENTING and get fun experience just like I did!


  • Plenty of rides have long ques, well cant blame them, this Theme Park is awesome. To avoid waiting too long and give you more time to enjoy other rides, buy the express card and you can cut the ques.
  • You can manage your booking of room, theme park and tickets through iHoliday Booking here.
  • Transport reservation contact number for airport transfer or getting around to Gohtong Jaya & Strawberry Leisure Farm Tel: (603) 6251 8398

Dissapointment Comes in the Way

28 09 2012

Found these two movies nothing but dissapointment. Geez… How can they made very standart movies like these? The plot is so standart, the action is so dull.

As a fan of Mila Jocovic, Resident Evil 4 is a must movie for me. But then even in the first 30 minutes, my butts were no longer comfy on the chair. So plain, lack of conflict and it is less frightening. The effect shown wasn’t thrilling and some part was out of portion.


Watched The Bourne Legacy for wifey is a big fan of Jeremmy Renner. The movie was so slow that fell asleep on the first 45 minutes haha. Some of the scenes were taken in Manila, understandable since Philiphine long ago was one of the US Marine Ship based. I saw a glance of Manila in this movie which in my opinion isn’t that far different than Jakarta. Crowded and over population. Well, thank God I finally could enjoy the second 45′. The plot was faster and more action was on it.

The Expandables 2

21 08 2012

A full of blood and action movie! No kids should be allowed to watch this movie, but for adults? This is entertaining!


Directed by Sylvester Stallone and casted by many Hollywood veteran starrs, named Bruce Willis, Jet Li, Arnold Schwarzenegger and even there’s Chuck Norris! Hillarious funny movie, never thought at their age they will come back and acted in this kind of movie. Worth of your 2 hours.

Moonlight Sonata – Beethoven

17 07 2012

For the past 1 month I have been practicing this Moonlight Sonata from Beethoven. I can tell, it isn’t an easy song, it has complicated cord and requires great speed-skills, fast fingermovement while it also requires great presure in your left hand and extreme technical skills. Eric Henderson plays this song flawless and full of passion. Salute!


Amazing Bromo

21 06 2012

So after this 20 hours ride from Jakarta, I finally reach Bromo Mountains. Been dying to be here, although I am originally from Malang, which that would be like 4 hours from that Apple Town but my feet are finally reach this mountain after I live in Jakarta.

Mount Bromo, or in Bahasa Indonesia we call it Gunung Bromo, is an active located in East Java. It is well known although it is not the highest peak around here, only 2,329 metres (7,641 ft). Active crater.


I still don’t know what was on my mind for I posed that close to the crater. Can’t imagine if somebody fall down there. On my wild thought, perhaps long time ago there were like human life sacrified to the Gods of the mountain. Geez thinking about it scared the hell out of me.


Ocean sands! You gotta cover your mouth with mask to avoid swallowing the sands. Pretty amazing view.


I got up at 2 AM, grabbed my jacket, hike 3km to watch this perfect sunrise. Oh I also had to pay a jeep 500thou to bring me here.
But it’s all worth it

Selecta: (Almost) Forgotten Park

2 05 2012

Selecta Park has been in Malang since 1928. As it is located up above the hills in Batu Area (about 1 hour driving from Malang, East Java), Selecta is famous for its cool breeze. Youngster go here for (secretly) make out, families come here to enjoy the park and let the children swim in the pool.  This park is no longer as famous as before, there are many amusement park around that attrack more people to go there. I like nature, I just hope that this park won’t be closed for losing its visitor. Oh, please don’t.



Selecta is a beautiful park with plenty flowers. My eyes rest in the colorful flowers and my soul just stay calm enjoying the scene. There is a hotel inside the Park, one of the old historical hotel where Indonesian President once stayed. As my parents owns some shares of this place, I got to stay free in the hotel. Nice!

Pulau Seribu

18 03 2012

Do you wanna go rejuvating yourself with belom 1 million rupiah in your budget? Go to Pulau Seribu, find a travelling package and you will ready to face the hustle bustle of Jakarta the following week.



Many things you can do here, snorkling, turtle watching or just like me: sleeping! Can’t enjoy my self better than this.

Perfect Sanctuary

14 02 2012

Whenever I want to get some quiet and peaceful way, I go to Javana Spa, perfect place to go. Though there’s the name Spa in it, don’t  worry not all chicks go there. Many men including me enjoy this heaven on earth. They have this kind of rejuvenating schedule that include hiking, showering under the waterfall, Yoga class and of course the Spa.


The air is clean and the gardens filled with tree ferns, agapanthus and swallows. I call it Nirvana.  No phone, no internet, no TV and thus no noise, I couldn’t connect to the outside world as there wasn’t any signal! Most peaceful experience amidst a lush natural surrounding.

Merry Christmas!

25 12 2011

Happy Holidays!


Everything is softer and more beautiful on Christmas. It’s time for homesick, missing your brother more than ever and being (like) a child again in fornt of your mom’s cook. What can be better than having all families celebrating holiday together?

Merry Christmas!